What Exactly is Streetwear Or Downtown Streetwear?


While browsing the latest fashion related things online, I always notice people asking for the definition of the term “streetwear.” After doing a substantial amount of research on the subject, I could not find a definition that has been to my loving. Since streetwear is a issue getting a lot of click lately, especially in the world of fashion, I thought I’d take it about myself to create a well-written concept of the term. Here it is…

Streetwear is a broad category used to describe clothing which provides an alternative to more mainstream pop-culture brands that may be traditionally found in shops, malls, and other high-volume retail environments. The streetwear motion was a direct results of the “force feeding” of makes such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and Space down the throats of 20-somethings all around the globe. Instead of conforming in order to pop fashion, youthful entrepreneurs took their own ideas and created custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, as well as hats for themselves as well as their friends. As more and more people grew tired of the same kind of boring look, these people started taking recognize of this new trend, which seemingly increased from the streets right away. This new “look” various from region to region, nevertheless took inspiration through hip-hop and skateboarding ethnicities and fused the idea with in-your-face graphics and sharp color schemes higher quality as “colorways.” Over time, the quality of streetwear brands increased to the levels we have seen today… where people are going to camp at retailers overnight and spend hours browsing E-bay awaiting that elusive golf tee to hit the Internet.


That is it… the definition of streetwear in a paragraph. I could go into much better detail, but imagined this would give visitors a good starting point when doing research on the subject. Streetwear originated in just that, the roads, and will continue modify as the urban surroundings continues to shift.


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